Back In March A Reverbnation Account Was Created For Silver Laughter

Silver Laughter 1979

Silver Laughter 1979

Since we are getting so many new views from all over the world, it’s worth repeating in case some of you missed it. Take a look at ReverbNation and listen to a few cuts from our “Sailing On Fantasies” album and see if you like what you hear. We wrote them in the spirit of the Fab Four and what was going on at the time… New Wave. But somehow we got overlooked in that lucrative market and the band broke up shortly after the release of our second album.

If you do happen to like what you hear, there are still limited copies of our two albums and a few of the singles (7″ vinyl) left in our inventory as well as a bunch of CDs of both “Handle With Care” and “Sailing On Fantasies”. I am working on putting together an insert for the CDs which will include liner notes from the original album. If you buy (or have bought) a copy of the CD before they are ready and want one, just drop me an e-mail to mick at

Mick Orton

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