UPDATE to the Silver Laughter and Tiny Tim Story

Tiny Tim and Ukelele

Tiny Tim and Ukelele

Remember, it’s been over 35 years since the band was together, so you might understand why I could be mistaken about the Tiny Tim story I posted here.

I have consulted Paul, Ken, Art and Kim only to find that some of us DID meet Tiny Tim in Des Moines (probably – because he played and lived there before he passed away), but probably did not to open for him. Here is the story that Kim and Art have updated:

Art started by saying: Not sure if I booked it or Geisler. If it was at The Surf Ballroom or Holiday Inn (Holiday Lodge) in Clear Lake it was probably Geisler. I did book Tiny Tim in a couple clubs, including The Red Bull. Memory is not good enough to remember other clubs. Geisler and me attended an interview with Tiny in Des Moines for the Des Moines Register (Geisler got it arranged). Years later a guy named Steve Plym (who was partners with Geilser in the origin of Showcase Talent) became Tiny Tim’s manager. Tiny Tim lived in Des Moines for a long time downtown; played many dates at the Holiday Inn South by Gray’s Lake. See this website: http://www.amazon.com/Tiny-Tim-Mr-Plym-Life/dp/0974688711

Kim added: My memory of the Tiny Tim thing (again, I was not in the band but was home at the time) – seems like you and Jon were in Davenport too, Art called and asked if you two could bring your keyboard to Des Moines because the band with Tiny Tim needed one.  That’s all I really remember about it.

Art finished up: If Kim is right it might have been at The Rescue Point (I think that was the name of the place). It was at about 80th and University in (Clive) Des Moines. Geisler booked a lot of the bands at that club. I think the club owner’s name was Tim Walker. If nobody remembers the gig it might be your imagination. Here is a thought: At the time we were recording at Fort Dodge and we were staying at some cheap motel, I believe we all went over to the Starlite Village and Tiny Tim was performing. I think you guys were with me when I saw Tiny Tim at the Starlite. You might remember because he lost his balance during a song and fell straight backwards over an amp. His band mates helped him back up and he just kept right on going.

As I have said before… a mind is a terrible thing to WASTE!

Mick Orton

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