Please Send Your Good Wishes to Silver Laughter Friend, Glenn Stone

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon

Occasionally our sound and light man, Glenn Stone, has submitted articles to this website. Right now he is having some health problems and is going in for surgery tomorrow. Please put some good thoughts out there for him.

I hope he doesn’t think it is inappropriate to post this, but we have recently reconnected, and we want to send him only good wishes so he recovers quickly.

We talked at length on the phone this evening and did some catching up. He is promising to do some more postings when he is feeling better. Personally, I can’t wait since he is jogging some wonderful memories of the band days.

Mick Orton

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  1. Hey thanks Mick! No I don’t think it’s inappropriate, I think it’s very thoughtful. I’ll be posting again soon, you can count on that. Thanks!

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