Should it Be The Silvers or The Lafters?

Mick the boat captain

Mick the boat captain


I took about a week off from posting as I have been working on some new material for this site; musical compositions that Ken and I wrote during our days shortly after the Silver Laughter breakup.

My hope is to get into the studio soon and lay down the tracks for our excellent songs. Right now we are collaborating by e-mail to pull together all the lyrics we had for the 20 or so tunes we wrote together. And Ken has recorded some of the guitar riffs for me so I can show the guitarist who will be playing on tape what we want. Unfortunately, it won’t be Ken on the guitar.

It should be an exciting series of entries to those of you who enjoy Silver Laughter’s music. The first three songs will most likely be:

  • “Mr. Kool”
  • “Running Away”
  • “Good Friends”

But that’s just a guess. We also have “Down and Out”, “So Long”, Hey, Marie” and many others. So look for them on this site soon!

Mick Orton

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