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"Revolution" sheet music

“Revolution” sheet music

“Revolution” – “Back In The USSR” Medley

This clip comes in after we finished “Ob La Di, Ob La Da” during our Calgary performance of Beatles Tribute #1 and started changing instruments. Ken put down the bass and went back to his guitar while I left the piano to pick up my bass again. Jon had found these various Christmas records the Beatles had made for their fan club, and took parts of them to mix in with our performance to cover the instrument changes and keep people interested! The “Magic Christian” Ringo is talking about is the movie he made with Peter Sellers.

The song, “Revolution” is sung by Ken and the arrangement is a combination of the version that appeared on the B side of the “Hey Jude” single, a live performance they did on television (which is where all the “shooby doo-wahs” come from), and the version that is on the White album.

It phases into Jon singing “Back In The USSR” which Paul McCartney wrote as a take off on the Beach Boys. It ends with Carl Frisch, our sound man, playing the sound of the jet landing (one of the few special effects we used) over our “thank-you” to the enthusiastic crowd with the lead in to “Dear Prudence” which was the next song in the tribute.

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