Another NEW Find! SILVER LAUGHTER’S Paul Staack and Mick Orton Play on The Contents Are: Originals!

Dave Neumann's Wedding

Dave Neumann’s Wedding

“If You Follow Me”

This is another cut from the “Lost” Pekin tapes from The Contents Are:. Paul and I have always played well as a team in both bands (as did Kim and I in Silver Laughter), and this song is no exception.

It is a Craig Hute original that was one of my favorites in those days. For some reason I thought we didn’t learn it until we had already moved to Colorado, but I don’t think we came back to record in Pekin, IL so it must have been done before we headed west.

In this photo (which is not linked to the music so you can see an enlarged view of it!) from left: Mick Orton (seated playing a Fender bass!), Paul Staack on drums, Dave Neumann on his wedding day in the blue suit, and Craig Hute with his left side to the camera. This is from the wedding reception after the service. Craig was nice enough to forward me a few other photos which I will be posting as time goes on.

Mick Orton

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