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"Abbey Road"

“Abbey Road”

“Mean Mr. Mustard” – “Polythene Pam” – “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” Medley

When The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” came out, I hadn’t heard anything like it. It was so unique with its own medley on the B side that when we put together the Beatles Tribute, several of the songs were naturals. The Beatles, unhappy with the “Let It Be” album decided to go back into the studio and leave one last mark on their musical history with a well produced album called “Abbey Road” (named for the street where their Apple Studios were located). Unfortunately, “Let It Be” was so hung up in production that, even though it was recorded first, it still came out after “Abbey Road” which defeated their purpose.

In Show #2 right after “One After 909” Paul Staack uses Ringo’s drum fill to open the three song medley. These were recorded in Port Byron at The Ranch & Co.. The performance still gives me chills as to how accurate the songs were to the originals. Everything down to Ken’s guitar sounds authentic as if it were the Beatles themselves doing these tunes! Jon sings lead on both Mustard and Pam while I sing lead on Bathroom Window. Everyone sang harmony on these three songs! The song segued into “Yesterday” which is the first note or two you hear at the end of this clip.

Mick Orton

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