Silver Laughter – “Handle With Care” – Lyrics to “Look Again”

Lyrics for "Look Again"

Lyrics for “Look Again”

“Look Again” 

My memory is very hazy on this song. I am pretty sure this was one tune I brought with me that was never worked on with The Contents Are:, but Jon and I finished it up and worked on the lyrics together. It has already been posted elsewhere on this site, but I wanted to put up the lyrics as well.

Our manager, Art “Smart” called me shortly after hearing the song, either on this site, or on YouTube, and told me what a great song it was and said he did not remember it was on the “Handle With Care” album.

As I listened to this draft post again, I realized that the middle 8 was a Jon contribution (among other parts of the song), so this probably was NOT a The Contents Are: song, at least not a finished one!

Mick Orton

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