A Silver Laughter Friend from Calgary

Calgary Friend

Calgary Friend

Occasionally we would get photos of friends mailed to us after a performance. I have written about our Canadian tour of the four cities (actually, it turns out there were FIVE) here. Unfortunately, I do not remember ANYTHING about the place called The Steakhouse Lodge in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, but maybe one of the other guys reading this will chime in!

After leaving Canada, and playing in Calgary (our second to last stop), we received several photos from this friend who enjoyed our music at the cabaret, The Tradewinds. As I said before, there were two types of clubs in Canada, cabarets (where they could dance) and bars (where they could not dance… but they sure could drink!). I do not remember her name, but she loved our music, and the Beatles Tribute in particular.

Mick Orton

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