Another Friend of Silver Laughter Found!

Two of Us - Dodi and Jack

Two of Us – Dodi and Jack

After putting up this site, I have been contacted by at least 25 people who knew us during the band days. Just recently I reconnected with Dodi Hungerbuhler.

Not only did we share a fondness for each other as well as a musical interest, but she also helped Ken and I when we decided to leave Silver Laughter and become a duo act. Dodi turned us on to her manager who was booking a lot of acts at the time. She also was a good friend to my parents and stopped in to see them whenever she was playing in the Quad Cities. She and I hooked up whenever our jobs took us within driving distance to be able to see each other.

After some e-mails back and forth, Dodi thinks we met in Pierre, SD. It’s interesting because her story is that the town was split down the middle between the Central and Rocky Mountain timezones. So the story goes, she and Jack were playing in a lounge on one side of the town in one time zone and we were playing on the other side.

Dodi says, “…I think it was Pierre S.D.  We were both performing in that town, and if I remember correctly, the town was split into 2 time zones.  You guys came to hear us early on the east side of town, and then we came to the west side of town to hear your last set because of the hour difference.  I think that’s where it all started.  Then of course I know you came to see me in Austin Minnesota (I believe it was the Red Cedar Inn).”

When she jogged the memory, I started to remember. It explains how we were able to see Two of Us play on a night when we were also performing that same evening. As strange as it sounds, I cannot find any reference on the Internet which talks about Pierre being split into two time zones, so maybe they changed that!

Mick Orton

Ken updates: “Yes, my friend. The time zone was split on two sides of the river. I remember we played “I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You” [by the Alan Parsons Project] or perhaps premiered it there, as that song stands out in my memory. I also remember… going over the bridge so we could party and drink an extra hour after we were done playing. Did we stay in a house trailer there?” My standard answer, “I don’t remember!”

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