From the “Sailing On Fantasies” Album – “Hand In Hand”

Paul Staack in 1976

Paul Staack in 1976

“Hand In Hand”

This song is already on YouTube posted by one of our fans, so I don’t mind posting it here again.

I have a lot of fond memories about this song written and sung by Paul Staack. He wrote it for his daughter, Sadie, and arranged by the band mostly during the recording session. Paul told me it was inspired by a song I had written for The Contents Are: years earlier called “Old Man”. After he told me, I saw the resemblance, but once we mixed it and added all the layers, this song is far superior to the one I composed.

When we laid down the rhythm tracks, I was playing the Fender Precision bass that studio owner, Frank, loaned me. Even now the lines sound crisp and clean compare to the Hofner tracks. What I don’t remember is when the piano parts were written. I am pretty sure we started with the intro and the solo, but the (what Ken calls) “Theme From A Summer Place” fills came later as we developed the recording. They just seemed to fit nicely. I don’t believe we ever played this song live.

One thing I do remember about practicing the solo was that I would play it really, really fast so that when it came time to put it on tape, the notes would be very clean. I believe we accomplished that.

Mick Orton

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