Silver Laughter Tries To Do Nashville

Silver Laughter's attempt to get recognized... anywhere, even Nashville!

Silver Laughter’s attempt to get recognized… anywhere, even Nashville!

Art “Smart” tried everything to promote us. Jon’s uncle, Bobby Fischer, is a country star in Nashville. I don’t remember this, but Jon and Art thought we should try to promote “Whiskey Heaven” from the “Handle With Care” album as a country and western song. The song was edited and released as a double sided 45 on Bobby’s Progress Records label. Now I have a copy of my own!

Here’s what Art says about this piece of collector’s memorabilia:


Progress 45 was Jon’s uncle Bobby Fischer’s record deal. It did not do anything, but he tried to get on country stations since he is based in Nashville. If you can play the 45, he edited some of the talking out at the beginning. That was done when I was still your agent, but I can’t tell you the exact year or anything., just happen to have some copies that Bobby Fischer sent to me.

Thanks, Art!

Mick Orton

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