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Silver Laughter's Tribute to the Beatles - We had 2 1 hour sets with films and slides on screens behind us.

Silver Laughter’s Tribute to the Beatles – We had two 1 hour sets with films and slides on screens behind us. From left to right: Jon, Ken, Mick and Kim below.

“All My Loving”

Here is the longer cover version of one of the Beatles songs we did in our tribute. All the songs in the tribute were shortened to include the most important parts. We also worked on putting them together with words that were the same, if at all possible. But we also knew many of the songs in the long version as well. “All My Loving” was always a crowd pleaser.

This photo shows Kim Ludtke as the drummer in the Beatles Tribute which he was when we first developed it. But later Paul took over his spot. I don’t think we ever took a similar photo with him in it. I do believe that Art “Smart” took this photo which is like the one the Beatles did for the cover of their first American album on Capitol Records, “Meet The Beatles”, as well as their second British album on Parlophone called “With The Beatles”.

Here I am singing the lead vocal. Jon comes in with the harmony on the verse and he, Ken and Paul sing the backups. My Hofner bass was perfect for these Beatles songs. Ken played lead and fills.

Mick Orton

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