Incredible Find! Original Outtakes from “Sailing on Fantasies”

Our second album.

Our second album.

“I Can’t Believe In You”

It’s funny how songs morph in the studio when you have the time. This has to be an early recording of me singing lead on “I Can’t Believe In You” before we did the voice compression on the “wasting all my days…” where Jon joined me in harmony, AND there are extra vocal fills (ooh’s) on the chorus that never made it to the final version.

If you listen to this one and the final from the album side by side, you will hear the final vocal is a little more clipped (not holding out the end of notes at the end of lines) to make it more “serious” sounding on the final track. I found this one in some old reel to reel tapes I had in my Silver Laughter “stash” along with some The Contents Are: recordings which I will release later this month.

Mick Orton

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