Milwaukee Friend of Silver Laughter responds to an e-mail I sent

Thanks Mick!

The Thin Lizzy cover sounds great!  Really looking forward to hearing more of your cover versions on the site.  It’s great to keep returning to find more updates!  Always look forward to checking back.

Take care,

Milwaukee, WI

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  1. The e-mail:


    Some of you have expressed an interest in hearing some of our cover songs so I have decided to start posting them on the website along with some notes about the performances; who sang what, etc. More will be posted as the days go on. I hope you visit our site often!

    By the way, some of you may know that I was previously in a band called The Contents Are:. Recently I purchased a CD of their original music (before I got in the band), 17 songs in all.

    I also came across a set of reel to reel tapes in my “stash” of both The Contents Are: and of Silver Laughter which I am having transferred to CD’s. The Contents Are: tape has 4 selections which the band recorded in Chicago’s Columbia Studios; all original material on which I played. I hope to have them within a couple of weeks.

    Anyway, thanks for all your support. Slowly but surely people are finding us on the Internet. Thank goodness Al Gore invented it!


    Mick Orton

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