A Couple of Lame Jokes Silver Laughter Used for Live Performances

Okay, so we weren’t the funniest guys in the world, but we used to crack each other up quite often. In between songs we might banter a little on stage. Here are a couple of the “witty” remarks we used:

Ken: “This next song is a semi hit… all the truck drivers liked it.”

Jon: “I’m not feeling myself tonight.”
Ken: “Who are you feeling?”

Jon: “I’m not feeling myself tonight.”
Mick: “Yes, I’ve noticed the improvement.”
Jon: “I didn’t come here to be insulted.”
Mick: “Where do you usually go?”

Ken (or one of us before) a slow song: “This song is not fast, it’s not slow, it’s half-fast” (half-assed in case you didn’t get it… neither did most of the people who heard us.)

I know what you’re thinking… stick to music!

Mick Orton

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