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Hello Friends,

I recently purchased the domain name Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. After all, I have done this type of thing for a living, right? So I went to the registrar’s website and pointed the forwarding to the WordPress site… Wrong!

WordPress is specific in how they handle domain names, so I had to fix it this morning and do it from the WordPress side. The site was unavailable for about 12 hours until I could get the name servers to recognize the change.

Most of the readers are going, “What’s he saying?” Don’t worry. All I am trying to tell you is that even the experts screw up once in awhile. All seems to be back on track now, as I am able to post to the site.

From his Facebook page. Art "Smart" Stenstrom.

From his Facebook page. Our manager, Art “Smart” Stenstrom.

Yesterday, I spoke briefly with our manager, Art “Smart” who told me my 49ers were going to lose to the cheese-heads. Afterward, Colin Kapernick made them look like the SWISS cheese-heads later that evening. I am holding my breath to see how they do against the winner of today’s NFC game. It’s too early to brag.

Art was rooting for the Midwest team since he still lives in Des Moines. Sorry, Art. San Francisco also disappointed a lot of Mid-westerners in the World Series when my baseball Giants took it to the rest of the league. And now it looks like the San Francisco football team could do it again in the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed.

Art was also giving me grief over the picture I have been posting of him on the website. It is the one I cropped from the studio photo taken during the recording of “Sailing on Fantasies”. My reply? Then give me a newer one! He sent me to his Facebook page to use that one.

Mick Orton

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