Another fan of Silver Laughter checks in!

Hi me again, I live in Quebec, Canada I’m 30 years old.

I discovered Silver Laughter about a year ago maybe on some blog and downloaded both singles ‘Angela’ and ‘Don’t Feel Bad’ and have been obsessed with your band since.

Been trying to land both LP but every time they show up online they are completely out of price. A friend of mine got “Sailing on Fantasies” for 35$ (lucky!) on E-bay and I’m biting my fingers since then for not seeing it before him. Anyway I saw you website it’s pretty cool.

Also, Have you ever been approached for a reissue of your band material? I think it’s a shame that those LP aren’t available and accessible for common people at a more decent price than the collector market one.

Thanks for answering.


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  1. Thanks, Martin. We really enjoy hearing from people who like our music. As I keep saying, people need to go to the “Hall of Fame” section of this website and nominate us for the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame.

    Mick Orton

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