“Sailing on Fantasies” recording engineer, Frank Wiewel

That's Frank in the middle.

That’s Frank in the middle, without the mustache.

During the recording of  “Sailing on Fantasies”, we met recording engineer, Frank Wiewel at his Westminst’r Sound studio in Otho, IA. His band, The Hawks, were a very popular studio band at the time and were finally inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame in 2007.

Frank Wiewel when we knew him from our "Sailing on Fantasies" days.

Frank Wiewel behind the console when we knew him from our “Sailing on Fantasies” days.

“…The self-titled debut album “Hawks” was cut at West Minist’r Sound, mixed at The Record Plant in Los Angeles and released in 1981. Two singles from that album charted. “Right Away” was #63 on Hot 100 Billboard 1981. “It’s All Right It’s OK” hit #32 Billboard Mainstream Rock 1981.The second album, “30 Seconds Over Otho,” was released in 1982. A third album, “Perfect World Radio,” was released in 2003, not on the Columbia label but on ‘Not Lame Records.’…”

Do I sound bitter? Maybe a little. Although I am glad that Sunday Social (Art’s band) and The Hawks (Frank’s band) both got the attention of the organization, it is disappointing that they continually ignore the contribution that Silver Laughter made to the Iowa music scene. Apparently, Kim Ludtke, has been trying to get us in for years, but so far with no luck.

Mick Orton

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  1. I got a note from someone who knows Frank. He sent me this link about “where is he now?”


  2. I’ve never heard of your band. In what part of Iowa were you active? Do you have a site for the group? I was active for many years – 60s-90s – playing in bands in the Central Iowa area. Always good to hear about other bands – especially ones I didn’t know about. Hope all is well.

  3. DUH! I didn’t realize I was on the site. Got here through a search on Frank Wiewel and didn’t look at the header. My apologies for being a bonehead. Going to look around and learn more.

  4. Ron,
    Just saw your posts. Glad you stopped by. Sometimes I wonder who stopped by and whether it was their first time or a returning visitor. The WordPress metrics show how many people stopped by, how many pages they looked at and what country they are from, but unless I am missing something, it would be nice to know other information about our guests. Thanks for stopping by and dropping us a note. I will be checking out your website as well!

  5. Silver Laughter was a great band, They should be inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame. I would be happy to recommend them. Frank Wiewel

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