Fans of Silver Laughter Check In!

I’m the owner of the Somewhere there is Music blog. I love your music a lot ! … I made this for promote your music and there are only a few tracks. Some albums of artists that I reviewed have been reissued or are on the point to be reissued thanks to my work…

…Usually, musicians are more than happy to be reviewed and it’s a good way to help them to be better know. It only can help ! And in the best cases, they are reissued (I’m speaking of legit reissues). If someone loves the samples, I’m sure he will make his best to find a copy…

…Well, you already know that I’m a music collector… I live in France in Burgundy, I’m 25 years old.

Alexandre M.

(Editor’s Note: There are several tracks from both of our albums on his site! – MO)

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