Where Are They Now?

As of the last report, December 21, 2012 (the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar – sorry to disappoint you doomsayers. Of course, according to Curly in “City Slickers”, “The day ain’t over yet!”) the band members are here:

  • Jon Ludtke – Still lives in Davenport with his wife Michelle
  • Kim Ludtke – Lives in New Mexico with his wife, Nancy
  • Ken Wiles – Lives in Reno with wife, Yan, and two children, Duo Duo and Steven, but is trying to get back to the Bay Area
  • Mick Orton – Lives in Novato, California with his partner, Janis
  • Paul Staack – Lives in the Twin Cities, Minnesota with his wife, Donna

As far as I know the only one who plays regularly is Kim Ludtke. Apparently Jon was visiting Kim recently, and I am told they wrote a song together. This is good news!

Mick plays occasionally with his sister’s band and recorded the bass on her solo album release, “Coast Is Clear” which may be found here.  But he is starting to write songs again after a LONG hiatus. He and Ken wrote a dozen songs or more after arriving in California in 1979, some of which have the familiar hooks of Silver Laughter, but with a harder edge. Perhaps one day we can get into the studio and lay down the tracks for:

  • Mr. Kool
  • So Long (Suicide Song)
  • Hey, Marie
  • No Money Down
  • Runnin’ Away
  • and several others

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  1. Jon Ludtke does play with HiFi occasionally and I have seen him perform recently!
    Still an awesome singer…I believe he was the heart of Silver Laughter.


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