Quick Thought About Our Road Trips

After spending countless hours in the same van with the same four guys driving from job to job (Carl usually slept), we got pretty familiar with the stories we would tell each other. So much so that we talked about giving them numbers so we wouldn’t have to repeat them so frequently. The idea was that we would say, “Story number 8”, and that might refer to the time the band arrived in Redwood Falls without Jon.

To this day, we do not know the true story of why he got held up in Des Moines (or wherever he was) so that by the time we were supposed to start, we had to do a set 3 piece (Ken, Paul and myself with Carl on lights and sound) until he sheepishly showed up late! Maybe he will contribute one of these days and tell us what happened!

Remember that we played in clubs and bars where alcohol was abundant, and rarely did we have to pay for a drink. Many nights a few of us would sit with the club owner after hours and drink while the crew cleaned up. Many times we woke up with hangovers and then headed off to rehearse during the day thanks to the heavy hand of Mr. Ludtke.

I must say, at the time, I used to resent having to get up and practice after a long night of drinking or whatever. But now I know it made us a better band for it.

Mick Orton

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