From the Silver Laughter Booking Calendar for March, 1978

1978-03calendarMarch of 1978 was another busy month for the band. After 5 days off (3 at the end of February and 2 to start off March) we did a one nighter at the Two Brother’s Club, then packed up and played the Valhalla Ballroom the next night.

After a Sunday off, we then played another regular haunt, The Buccaneer Club. Another Sunday off and we did a one nighter at Hotel Des Moines.

We had 3 days off before playing 3 nights at McNasty’s Club then off to the Flame Room. After a day off, we hit the Congo Club in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Thinking back, I think our spirits were a little low around this time. Our new album was finally out and not selling as well as our first album which mystified us. After all the work we put into writing and recording songs which we thought were exceptional, people in the Midwest were not responding as well as we would have liked.

When we sprinkled our original tunes in with our cover material, they went over very well, but the albums were not selling from the stage. T-shirts and chemises were going like hotcakes so the band was popular…

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