From the Silver Laughter Booking Calendar – February 1978

February was a little quieter. Remember, we were almost constantly on the road playing music. You would think there would be no time to spend the money we made. However, I recall periods like these with a lot of days off were financially challenging and unwelcome.

The first week of February found us in the Congo Club, Sioux Falls, SD. Then Sunday we left to play that evening at the Blue Moon Ballroom. With four more days off, we must have headed home to Davenport, Iowa to sponge off our parents before playing at the local Catholic college, St. Ambrose. The next night we played the Sundance Palace of which I have absolutely NO memory. The night after that we had to be in Minneapolis at the mastering studio for final mixes of Sailing on Fantasies, I am guessing.

The following night found us in Willmar, MN at a Vo-Tech school performance (for a band that hated one night stands, we sure seemed to do a lot of them), then on to Donovan’s Reef night club for another week. It was another one of our favorite places to play.

With three days of rest, we then played Horatio’s night club finishing February with 3 more nights off.

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