CD’s, Albums, 45’s & 8 Track Tapes, oh my!

I have  CD’s of Sailing on Fantasies and Handle With Care which were professionally made with cover art and song lists on them selling for $25 each plus shipping.

If you are interested in hearing more about our band, go to Glory Daze Music or Pop Geek Heaven (become a member for FREE to view this link) and read more about Silver Laughter!

Since the albums are of limited quantity and still sealed in shrink wrap, this makes them collectors’ items and are selling for $100 each.

  • Handle With Care
  • Sailing on Fantasies

However, if you are interested in any of the following 45’s at $25 each:

                From Handle With Care

  • Take My Money/Grey Cloudy Skies Sold out
  • Angela/No One Can Do It

                From Sailing on Fantasies

  • Sing Me Your Love Songs/Hand in Hand (1 copy with “picture” cover which has “Love Songs” lyrics) Sold out
  • Don’t Feel Bad/Turn it Down (1 copy has a picture cover)

If you are a REAL collector, we also have 8 track tapes of  Sailing on Fantasies – yes, you heard that right, 8 tracks! Does anyone still have one in their old El Camino?

Contact me at mick – at – if you are interested! I will throw in a CD with our live performance of 8 original songs AND a copy of one of our Beatles Tributes if you ask for them. GREAT LISTENING!

Mick Orton

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  1. Hi Fellows!! God I hope you remember me? This is Glenn (the punk) Stone. That’s right, the 19 year old sound and light kid that really wanted Silver Laughter to go International. God I’ve looked for you guys for yrs. and just found this site today. OMG you don’t know how you influenced my life!! Positively!! OMG I just can’t believe it’s you. Mick man the times we had! I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys for taking me under your wings and letting me ride that ride. I look back on those days with a lot of pride and some sadness that it didn’t last. I went on to work in several bands up here in Wisconsin before finally getting married and doing the settle down thing. Ken how are you? John? Kim? I hope one of you will at least email me at you guys turned me on to that band and I have one of their cd’s. Unfortunately none of my Silver Laughter tapes survived the nearly 35 yrs. OMG I had a blast with you and only wish it could have last forever. But nothing does and I’ll be turning 54 soon. Mick I remember your Bday because it was so close to xmas. Please someone email me I’d love to talk to you. Last time I think Mick, your Mom told me you were in San Fran. How weird because I was in Sacramento in 80 to 83. I’m just shaking trying to type this out, I loved you guys like Brothers!! You are some of the nicest people I’ve come across in my life, and I’ll never forget those times. Well I hope you are all well, I’m a Grandpa 5 times. I work as a security guard at a state prison here in central Wisconsin.


  1. Before Silver Laughter – The Contents Are: recorded “Goin’ To Be Mine” « Silver Laughter

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